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「どんな場所でも最高に美味しいクラフトビールが飲みたい。 」

そんな勢いでTokyo Beer Boyzを結成し、Beer Brainの企画が始まる。

テーマは“Inside Out”。外装を内装に、内装を外装にというデザイン。


昼休みや休憩時間、仕事上がりに極上のクラフトビールを秘やかに楽しむ。特定の銘柄にこだわらず様々な銘柄を仕入れ、無限に広がり続けるクラフトビールの世界を探求する。そして道がある限り何処でも何時でも極上のクラフトビールを!そんな思いを込め完成したBeer Brain。自分達が欲しかった物、それをクラフトビール好きと分かち合えたら幸いです。

Tokyo Beer Boyz
We Only Think About Beer.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could drink quality craft beer anywhere we wanted to?” – this conversation between close friends was where it all started.

If a mobile tap room doesn’t exist, create it. Let’s try putting our various expertise and skills together to see what we can do. So we named ourselves the Tokyo Beer Boyz and our Beer Brain Project began.

We designed it based on our concept of a hideaway shed (on wheels!) where you can secretly drink beer during the day. The theme for this shed was “INSIDE OUT” – we used exterior materials on the inside and interior materials on the outside.

Our initial plan was to complete building it in 8-months, meeting once a month to work on it piece by piece. However, there were twists and turns along the way as we encountered several unexpected problems like material shortages because of our determination to use only genuinely domestic materials and meeting structural and load capacity problems, and ended up taking 10-months to complete it.

We created what we wanted to and through this creation we hoped to share the experience it offers with other craft beer lovers around the world. So treat yourself to top-notch craft beer during meal breaks, rest breaks, after work – anytime is a great time for craft beer! We are also not afraid to explore the infinitely expanding world of craft beer by trying out many different craft beer brands, new and old, instead of sticking to our favorites.

There’s no road we can’t travel to bring our finest craft beers anywhere, anytime. This is Beer Brain.

Now, what shall we do next?

Tokyo Beer Boyz
We Only Think About Beer.